Latin, Euro, or Asian Club Services

A great option for the experienced traveler who is making all his own travel arraignments and has knowledge of language, hotels, transportation systems and is currently in contact with many women from a specific city. Provides up to 3 one-on-one introductions per day for 7 days as needed. These services may be utilized at your own schedule.

Prices vary from $1695 to $2095 for Latin Club - $1695 to $2095 for Asian Club - $1695 to $2095 for Euro Club.

You will be asked to complete a IMBRA required marital/criminal background form after purchase and that information will be presented to the ladies prior to the one on one introductions. The objective of the IMBRA process is disclosure and a previous marriage or criminal offenses will not prohibit the success of the introduction process.

Individual One-on-One Introductions

This option is exclusively for the experienced international traveler.

To use this option you must have already corresponded with the lady at least 10 times meaning you have written her 10 letters, she has replied with 10 letters, and the both of you have a regular correspondence. This is required so you will have a reasonably good idea of the lady's personality and her willingness to meet you before you invest the time and money to travel to visit her.

You will receive the lady's agency office information. This includes the agency's phone number, email address, manager's name, and physical address. Her agency will also receive your information and will make contact with you to arrange your introduction with the lady. Then both of you will coordinate a meeting time which is convenient.

The fee is $400 per introduction (any region: Ukraine, Asia, Latin America). This service seems to have the potential of being the least expensive option, however the odds of success are low if you travel to a foreign country to meet only one or two women even in the event of prior communication. Our experience has show time and time again that a broad spectrum of multiple introductions to a variety of women is the most assured method by which to achieve success. Letters, emails, viewing profiles are simply a prelude to discovering if there exists the one necessary ingredient for a lasting relationship and that is romantic CHEMISTRY. Note, if it is a simple signing of the IMBRA form with no travel, then you will receive the lady's contact information only.

Call 1-800-576-3367 ext 207 for further information concerning any of these options.

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