Banner Marketing Program Area

Have a website? Want to make more income?
Put a banner of our most lovely ladies on your site, and earn 10% each time a client you send us makes a purchase.

How do I join?

Just click Join Now
Fill out the information
Click Submit
Then our administrator will check and approve your account

How long for approval?
  • Business Hours - Several minutes to an hour.
  • Weeknights - Up to 15 hours
  • Weekends - Up to 24 hours

When you receive approval go to My Account
Then Login

Click the "choose your banner" link
On the banner page your options include

  • Horizontal or vertical banners
  • Display from one to five ladies on the banner
  • Choose all ladies, or ladies from specific countries or regions
  • Choose background color and border options
Then copy the code and paste it to your website.

How do I earn 10% on purchases commission?

A man clicks the foreign ladies banner on your site
He creates an account on ForeignLadies
He makes his purchase on ForeignLadies
You then earn 10% of each of his purchase amounts

How do I receive the commission?

Receiving your commission is easy. Just click the cash-out button.

When you click the cash-out button, your money on account will be zeroed out and an automatic email will be sent to our accountant with instructions to send your commission.

Note: If your current account information is incorrect or not completely filled out, please change your address, phone number, etc and click submit before you click the cash-out button. If your account information is not correct and up to date, you will probably not receive your commission. Please click the edit account info link to make any necessary changes.

For US/Canadian marketers - You can request a cash-out anytime after your account reaches $50. A check will be mailed to you provided your account information is correct.

For International marketers - You will receive your commission through bank wire transfer. Since bank wire transfer fees are $25 per transaction and your own bank may charge you between $10-$30 to handle the transaction. It would be advisable to wait until your account reaches several hundred dollars before requesting a cash-out.

Also for International marketers, please request a bank wire form from and it will be emailed to you. Then fill it out completely and send it back to

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