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Now you will find an exciting new feature on our web site focused entirely on the beautiful, single Philippine women profiled on our web site. New video featuring several of these REAL women along with news and updates direct from our Philippine operations (Cebu and Davao). You will be able to watch and listen to the women having fun at the beach, being treated to a nice meal at a popular restuarant or simply exploring and showing you their city while they talk about themselves and their own aspirations.


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PW Episode 259: Love conquers all no matter how far the distance is

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Dec. 7th, 2018

Nothing can stand between two people who truly loves each other


Somewhere in the Philippines, a man with a dream ventured and found success in meeting the woman that will light up his life. Meet Allan and Rhealyn, two people from worlds apart whom has found their way into each others heart. For this couple, they believe that the distance between them that was designed to tear them apart has instead become something that made their relationship stronger. If they can do it, why can't you?



PW Episode 257: Filipina's express love more than words.

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Oct. 17th, 2018

Filipina's are expressive with their feelings.


In the Philippines, love is expressed louder through actions and these young Filipina's will teach you that falling in love is not limited to what the eyes can see. This month's episode shows that Filipina's can love and be loved in all shapes and sizes. You will never find women like these in other parts of the world so come and join us and be part of the Filipina Family.



PW Episode 255: Octoberfest? meet October's best from the Philippines!!!

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Sep. 24th, 2018

In the Philippines, October is celebrated with fiery and captivating women.


A sneakpeak to the Philippines where October is not only about feasts but also a chance to exhibit Cebu and Pinay beauty. Meet 9 daring ladies who will blow your mind and help you decide on your next adventure. It's crystal clear that Philippines is made up of both exotic places and sizzling Pinay women. Are you ready? Hurry because these women are waiting you.



PW Episode 254: More stunning Ladies (October Social 2nd Night)

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Oct. 29th, 2018

Meet Filipina women personally, know them more, have fun with games and pageant and more!


Feast you’re eyes on this 17 beautiful ladies on the 2nd night of our Glamorous Socials party!



PW Episode 253: Cebu ladies are here

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Sep. 17th, 2018

Love is not lost when you are in the Philippines


Philippines, a place where broken hearts go and love seekers explore. For this months episode we feature one of our Acquaintance Socials where men will enjoy not only the awe-inspiring places around the Queen City of the South but also the amity of having a Cebuana woman to be with in whatever activities you have planned on your vacation itinerary. Guys, Cebu and its women will always be here to welcome you but don't wait too long since the women you might adore will not wait for forever. So check your calendar, plan your trip and book your tickets to Cebu now!