Meet women! Travel to South America!

ForeignLadies' Latin Club package is ideal for men...

  • who hate writing
  • who don't want to correspond for long
  • who can't get off from work during our tours
  • who want to travel somewhere the women are anxious to meet him
  • in the mood of dating many beautiful Latin American women

The Latin Club package will allow you to meet about 20 different and beautiful and available single Latin women a week looking for marriage. High quality women. Women you could form a relationship with based on mutual respect and love, rather than your bank statement. Once you experience that, you will never look at the American dating scene again.

Date Latin women

Hiring Latin Club packages are piece of cake:

  • Fill in the form below
  • After receiving your request, a representative will call you so you can start with the arrangements to travel to South America
  • Travel, go to our office in Colombia, Peru or Costa Rica
  • When all is said and done you start meeting Latin women!

How will I meet the ladies?

Latin women introductions will be carried out one after the other, up to three a day, at the comfort of our office in the city you chose (yes, only one city per package hired). That way, in a week you will be able to meet up to between 18 and 21 beautiful single Latin women from your chosen city in person.

Now, if you want to make your travel to South America even more memorable and spend a second week meeting more Latin single women in that same or other city, just pay for an extension and continue.


Other than hiring the service ($895 - 7 days, $1095 - 10 days, $1295 - 14 days), not really. You can hire a Latin Club package even without having an account on the site. (Yes, I'm serious but it's not what we recommend, though.)

So what do you recommend?

We recommend logging into your account (or creating one, if you haven't already) and start using the search engine to find some beautiful girls.

If after reading their profiles, you decide you want to include them in your list, just go ahead, do it. Send her a free wink to show your interest to her or a message to tell her you are going to her home city in a few days and that you'd be glad to have a date with her. If she agrees in her reply, you're in!

As you see, ForeignLadies' Latin Club package is a great opportunity to find that special someone faster and with the advantage of meeting a Latin woman in person, looking at her eyes, really sharing moments together. The spark of love might be south for you. With a Latin Club you can be certain soon.

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 Barranquilla, Colombia
 Cartagena, Colombia
 San Jose, Costa Rica
 Lima, Peru
 Medellin, Colombia
 OPEN (will decide destination city later)
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Period:* 7 day($895)
10 day($1095)
14 day($1295)
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A beautiful Colombian woman. A beautiful Peru woman. A beautiful Costa Rican woman. A beautiful Peruvian woman.
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