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Think you know Filipina women? Well go with me on this one! First, think about the typical Asian view of life: relaxed, deep thinking, and sensuality. Next, think about Spanish elegance, Latin passion and coquetry, and fondness for romance. Last, remove the stereotypes and then you've got the essence of a Filipina woman.

The Philippines are unique in the International introductions industry. Long before the Soviet Union fell, many American men had already discovered the charm and beauty of Filipina women and have made them their wives. The men were typically in the Military and stationed in the Philippines throughout the decades. These happy unions between Filipina ladies and American men have been life-long loving commitments that have made a very positive impact on the couples involved and their families.

What was true a generation ago is even truer today. There are thousands upon thousands of lovely Filipina women who would like to have the same happy life as the ladies described above, and are waiting for a foreign man to visit them in their country. Filipina women are sweet, lovely, very friendly, and dedicated to family and the man they love.

A primary advantage this Philippine dating tour offers over any other country A Foreign Affair visits is that all Filipina women speak English. Therefore, a translator is not needed (a savings for you) and there is no communication barrier. Filipina girls are very familiar with American culture and have little difficulty adjusting to the U.S. lifestyle.

Filipina women typically prefer to meet a prospective suitor through an intermediary. This is where AFA comes in. The reason Filipina ladies join this company is because the manager at the Philippine office builds the trust of the ladies, and they feel comfortable having the manager and company as her intermediary.

My suggestion? Take a look at their photographs and spend a little while reading their profiles. You will see Philippine women are simple, expressive, affectionate, kind, friendly, honest, good-hearted and many other things we both know you were looking for.

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What to do on a Philippine tour ?

The Philippines offer a multitude of things to do and many of the activities involve water. So whether you are a beach bum, or just see the water on vacation, the Philippines has very beautiful beaches waiting with lots of isolated ones for you and your Filipina lady to sneak away to. With a coastline twice as large as the U.S. you are sure to find a place to your liking.

Davao offers great weather all year around so you can plan your tour at your convenience. Below are things to do during your visit to the Philippines.

  • Hike up Mount Apo whose summit is 10,311 feet and is a four-day climb.
  • Visit the Philippine Eagle Nature center and see the monkey eating eagles.
  • Visit the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, on Samal Island.
  • Go to the Crocodile park: the name says it all. You and your Filipina lady will enjoy the tamer activities at the park such as horseback riding, but if you have a spirit of adventure you may want have a go at feeding young crocs; an experience not soon forgotten.

When you're ready to have dinner with a Filipina girl whatever your palate craves, you can find it here. Filipino cuisine is a fusion of Chinese, Hispanic, and American dishes; from squid, rice crisps, tamales, to classic American burgers.

So great food, great sights, and most importantly great Filipina women are waiting for you; there's nothing holding you back.

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