Why post a photo

Posting your photo is necessary if you want to make contact with the foreign ladies on the site. If you think about it makes perfect sense. If a lady sees your profile, but you do not have a photo with it, what is her inclination to write you? You may be a great wordsmith and create an intriguing profile that begs a response, however if there is no photo, you will appear to be hiding something.

Hiding what? Yes she may understand that you do not want your friends, family, or business associates to see your profile. Yes she may understand that when you are comfortable, you will send her a photo. Yes she may understand all these things. However, yes she probably has a limited amount of time at the Internet cafe and yes she will likely choose to write to the man with a photo with grammatical mistakes over your poetic profile with no photo. Finally, yes it is true her limited time will probably not permit her to experiment with a lark, which is what she will consider you.

The fact of the matter is you will appear to be too good to be true, while she will have an idea of what she is getting with the other guy.

Therefore submit the photo!