Tour to St Petersburg

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Date Sophisticated St Petersburg Women during a Cultural St Petersburg Dating Tour

Why were St Petersburg women some of the most sought after women in Russia when the Iron Curtain fell? Looking at the profiles of women in St Petersburg the reason is obvious. When you date Russian women, you are dating some of the most beautiful ladies anywhere. How to you meet single Russian women? Attend a Club or Individual Tour to St Petersburg.

During your Saint Petersburg club or individual tour, you will be able to meet in person the ladies you have been emailing on our dating website. Not only St Petersburg girls, but you could meet other Russian ladies from other towns. The ladies want to meet their special someone and hopefully become his Russian bride. So all you need to do is give yourself the chance and go to her. Which means traveling to St Petersburg Russia.

I am sure you want to learn a little more about dating Russian women now. On your dates with a Saint Petersburg woman you will find her well versed in many different topics such as literature, music, art, and maybe even politics. Apart from this, I think I need to point out that St Petersburg women like to take care of themselves without becoming superficial. I mean, you will seldom see a single Russian lady step out from her house in jeans and a t-shirt, even if she's just going to the store. Saint Petersburg women like to look good, so they get made-up and wear nice clothes even for the simplest occasion. Imagine how they will look on a date with you. On these Russian singles tours you will not only be around beautiful St Petersburg girls, you will be around beautiful girls wearing mini-skirts (during warm weather of course), and they stay in shape to fit in those form-fitting outfits. Needless to say, they are feminine to the bone.

In Russian culture it is important for a woman to get married. According to their traditions, being married will make a Russian woman feel her life is more complete. Furthermore, many single St Petersburg women dream of creating a strong, happy and healthy family. In their country, they are more respected as women after they have gotten married.

Take into account that in Russia there are a few million more women than men or that Russian men are usually chauvinist and tend to be unfaithful, so you can understand why Russian ladies are currently looking for foreign men who to build a relationship with. Like everyone else, Russian women are looking for an understanding man who will lead them to a happier rest-of-her-life, and willing to give their very best in exchange. For you, it is only a matter going there, being yourself, and seeing what happens.

Here is a little bit about St Petersburg, the cultural center of Russia. Saint Petersburg was founded in the early 18th century by Czar Peter the Great. His idea was to build a fortress to stop Swedish armies while strengthening his position in the area, but he managed to defeat them before having the fortress finished. Since then, Saint Petersburg has grown as a very special Russian city, a strange mix of beauty, mysticism combined with vibrant reality with hundreds of attractions that make it a must to take a camera with you. As St. Petersburg was built on the banks of river Neva, the former Leningrad is also known as the Venice of the North or the City of 101 Islands. The city has a multitude of bridges one of which, Blue Bridge, is supposedly the widest in the world.

Saint Petersburg has got a quite long list of attractions, so we are only going to point out the most important ones here. When in St. Petersburg, you can start visiting the Hermitage, which is a gallery with more than 3 million -correct: three million- pieces to art. After that, you can continue with the Kazan, Saint Isaac and St. Peter and Paul cathedrals, Peter and Paul fortress, Peter the Great's house (which has been preserved for 3 centuries so far), the Summer Palace and Garden, St. Petersburg's State university, Mariinsky and Menshikov Palaces, the Admiralty, the Bronze Horseman and the monument to Catherine the Great. If that weren't enough, don't miss the Opera theater, Nevsky Prospekt, and the remarkable Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood. The list is quite long, but you may want to consider visiting some of the cafes and restaurants in Saint Petersburg and sample some unique Russian cuisine. Anyway, remember that during your tour to Saint Petersburg, you will have an advantage over most other tourists in the city: You will be able to get to know the city with a Saint Peterburg woman beside you: that means, I am sure, that she will gladly lead you to the most beautiful places in the city while you get to know each other, including places that will never be mentioned by any tourist guide. Sound good?

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