Some clients have expressed concerns regarding this website's pricing policies as compared to other online dating sites.
Here is a comparision between what offers vs. other online dating sites.

What kind of women can join each site?

Unlimited Emailing, Recurring Billing Site

  • The women join independently.
  • That means any woman can join.
  • Any woman who wants love and marriage can join.
  • Any woman with motives besides love and marriage with a man on the site can join.
  • Any person with a photo of a hot girl can join and impersonate that girl.
  • As you can imagine, many men have lost thousands of dollars because they fell under the charm of the person writing them and sent them money.
This beautiful Peruvian woman is real. Come, meet her!

  • Only women who go to the agency office can join.
  • She meets with manager and is interviewed.
  • Completes the information and agrees with requirements concerning conduct and behavior.
  • Is able to be easily reached.
  • Our method offers much more control and gives the man the assurance the web site and the agency are looking for his best interests.
  • This method is practically scammer-proof because there is no way for a lady to attempt to scam a man without the agency knowing about it.

What am I paying for on each site?

Unlimited Emailing, Recurring Billing Site

  • You are paying for Hope.
  • Hopefully you will be able to meet her.
  • Hopefully she is who she says she is on her profile.
  • Hopefully she looks the same in person as in her photos.
  • Hopefully everything else is ok with her.
  • Hopefully there will not be a major problem.

  • What if it doesn't turn out as I hoped for?
  • Hopefully you read their terms and conditions when you joined the site which probably states that basically that you are on your own on the site. If something happens, the site is not responsible, and good luck in your search.
  • If you were financially or emotionally taken advantage of, well, better luck next time.

  • Am I paying for anything tangible on unlimited emailing sites?
  • Basically a profile, email space, and the ability to send a message to a "lady's" email.
  • However, the person on the other end is under no obligation to reply back to you or even open the email.
  • On these sites many legitimate women join and rarely return.
  • They have either found a better site, or are just picking and choosing the men they want to write to.
  • With these sites you have to work much harder to find that special someone and with nothing close to a guarantee of a successful match.
This girl is real! Come meet her! This girl is real! Come meet her!

  • Proactive-ness. Some dating web sites operate almost to a point of inertia. This is surprising to hear, but it is in fact true. On the unlimited emailing sites most profiles can go for months between activity. Due to the fact everyone is waiting for someone to write them, the ladies join and wait for the men to write, and the men join and wait for the women to write = Inertia.

  • When you write the ladies on this site, the affiliates get the message to her quickly, (typically over the phone) and get her response quickly. Getting active on this site produces results.

  • Translations. Unless you're fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Thai, or Chinese you're going to need help with the translations. Having good translations means a great deal to the speed in which a relationship can grow. Our translators are fluent in both English and the language of the lady you are writing to. The translations help you bridge the gap and help prevent misunderstandings in language which are a common occurrence in multi-cultural relationships.

  • Turn around time - Instead of waiting days or weeks for a reply, you can typically expect a reply, whether positive or negative, within 2 days.

  • Fast customer service with technical issues. We have a professional customer service assistant who can handle questions on how to use the site.

Your service is too expensive!

  • Do you work for free?
  • Affiliates do not work for free.
  • Translations do not happen for free.
  • Calling the women to inform them of your letter does not happen for free.
  • Customer service does not work for free.
  • Keeping in touch with the ladies, to make sure everything is ok with them is not free.
  • Acting on your behalf should complications occur does not happen for free.
  • Advertising for this site is definitely not free.

All of our services are essential to moving your relationship forward quickly, so you will visit her quickly. You will feel much different and much more confident visiting a woman you are very familiar with because her letters were translated correctly from a reputable agency and a respected web site than a woman you are writing to on an unlimited emailing site whose true personality and character is much more of a mystery.

More to think about

When a lady joins an unlimited emailing site, you get "ladies" who may have joined on a whim, already have a boyfriend, or something else that is not in line with finding true love.

With, you write to ladies who have done all the things above concerning joining the site, the girls who are not serious would not bother with having to go through the ordeal of getting on this site.

When you write to a lady on, you don't have to wonder if she even knows of your existence because you can expect an answer from her quickly.

It is up to her whether she wants to begin a relationship with you, but if not, at least you will know quickly, and can move on to the next lady. Because if the lady does not reply, we call her, and find out the situation. If she can't be reached, she is assumed to be not serious and is removed from the site.

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