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Dating Filipino singles

If you are looking for a Filipino bride, you have come to the best site.

Love Cebu girls and Davao girls? Find your special lady!


Filipino women are well known abroad for their unique personality traits, a subtle mix of elegance and femininity that attracts attention; especially the attention of men who are looking for a long-lasting and sincere relationship with a single foreign lady.

What makes this site ideal?

ForeignLadies is ideal for you because we are one of the few filipino dating services out there who can guarantee you authentic profiles. How? We don't allow the ladies to sign up online to the site by themselves. We require them sign up in person at our office in Davao and Cebu. This makes it absolutely impossible for a woman to sign up with a fake profile or "borrowed" photos. Our staff is there to verify her intentions and identity.

In addition, we can help you with all those things you can't do on your own because of the distance. You want to give her a gift, for example? Just drop us a line and we will deliver it for you.

Meeting her in person is very easy as well. Our offices in Davao and Cebu are available for meeting the ladies.

It's pretty obvious that once you begin dating a Filipino woman sooner or later you will want to travel and meet her in person. Here are our options to meet a Filipino lady:

  • Should you want a one-on-one introduction with the one or two Filipino women you have been corresponding with, we'll help you arrange it.
  • If you can't make up your mind or you want to meet more than just one or two ladies, then ask for an Asian Club, and get ongoing introductions for a week, and meet all the ladies you wish* for a single payment.
  • Travel with us on a dating tour. This way you can meet hundreds of single Filipino girls, whether in Cebu or Davao and invite your favorite ladies to attend as your special guests.

* During an Asian Club package, a client is introduced to an average of three ladies a day.

More information call: (602) 553-8178 or 1-800-576-3367
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