Tour to Lima

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Skip the conventional!!Vacation in Lima. Peru Women await.

Why meet Peru women instead of heading to the usual vacation spots? Consider this scenario: You do what everyone does, go to a great American destination and spend your hard earned money on overpriced hotels, rental cars, and outrageous fees for practically everything else. While on your vacation you are telling yourself you are having a great time while sweating in the sun waiting for the next amusement park ride, or combing the local beaches or clubs trying to find the next woman who is going to reject you.

Why not take a chance and visit South America and meet extraordinary Peru women instead. This is a far better option for a single man. No tourist ad or brochure for a city in the U.S. tells you can meet the love of your life in their city. However it is entirely possible you can meet someone to fall in love with in Peru. Lima is filled with lovely, sincere ladies very interested in finding their special man. Peru women are kind, considerate, and have good attitudes. Unfortunately Peruvian men typically are not faithful to their wives or girlfriends, and many Peruvian women believe foreign men will make better husbands for them.

During your Peru tour, you will attend 2 socials where you will meet dozens of beautiful Peru women a night who are sincerely in forming a relationship with a foreign man. After the socials are over, you will spend the remainder of the tour getting to know the Peruvian ladies you are interested in.

Lima is a coastal city of 8 million so you will have plenty of things to do during the Lima tour. Miraflores and the Main Square (Plaza Mayor) are two good points, but there is more than that. Lima offers cultural, fun, and adventurous things to do. These make great dating opportunities for you and your special Peru woman. Here is a list of some of what you can experience during your tour to Lima.


Cultural Lima

Daytime Lima is ideal for a cultural trip. Take your Peruvian lady to the Museo de la Nacion (the National museum) to see a summary of Peru's history and then take a cab downtown to see the Cathedral at Plaza Mayor and the changing of the guard at 1:00 in the Government Palace (just across Main Square). After that, you can have lunch and then visit the catacombs at Santo Domingo Church or the Museo de la Inquisicion and del Congreso (Museum of the Inquisition and the Congress). To close out your cultural day, you can visit Museo de Arte de Lima (Art museum) with a Peru woman.

FUN Lima

OK some Peru women you will date may be more interested in the fun option. Here are some ideas. Take a bus or taxi and go enjoy the Pacific Ocean. Peru has beautiful sand and pebble beaches less than an hour away; some are great for surfing. Lima also has many beaches, but Peru's best beaches are located outside of town. A walk along the beach with a Peru woman will provide the perfect setting for romance.

If you arrived in winter or are not in the mood to go to the beach, but would like to enjoy some delicious Peruvian seafood ask for cebiche to start. It is fish and/or seafood in small pieces, marinated in lemon juice and seasoned with onion, garlic, chili and other spices. Try some Peruvian desserts also: champus, picarones, mazamorra morada, and arroz con leche.

If you want to relax, go for a walk in Miraflores with your special Peruvian woman and watch artists display their paintings in Kennedy Park. Also visit Larcomar for a nice view of the sunset. If you and your Peruvian lady are feeling romantic, go to the Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs) in Barranco. There you can also see the old spirit of bohemian Lima, enjoy a drink, and find out if there is going to be a good concert later.

Adventurous Lima

In Miraflores, you can do paragliding. Two hours away from Lima to the south you can do some canoeing, rafting and horse riding, too. If you want something much more relaxing you can go to the zoo. The zoo? Women in Peru love to go and there are hundreds of animals you won't be able to see anywhere else.


Cultural Lima

Nightlife in Lima is wild, but it can also be cultural. There are many shows of folk music and dance available in the city. If you want to take part and become part of the show, then you should go to a bar, restaurant, or disco where you can listen and dance.

FUN Lima

Peru women love to dance so head to a disco and dance until

2 AM (if you are boring)
4 AM (if you are drunk)
5 AM (Oh, Yeah!!!)

There are all kinds of pubs, karaoke bars, and discos in Lima. Also cafes if you need a place to re-charge.

Adventurous Lima

During summer there are night surfing festivals on the beach, and during winter you can go to rock concerts. Also ask your Peruvian lady about her favorite places.

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