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Take the Chance! Costa Rica Women Costa Rica Dating Tour

Interested in Costa Rica women? Well imagine this scenario. You have been in contact with her (a lovely Costa Rica woman) for a few months, you have just checked out the date for the next travel tour to Costa Rica and it's getting close. You decide you deserve some time for yourself. Doesn't this sound like a vacation to you? What if I told you in this tour you could find the love of your life in Costa Rica. Why not give yourself the chance?

Even if you have not met any Costa Rican woman on-line yet, take it for granted that on this romance tour you will meet lots of Ticas (as Costa Rica girls usually call themselves) and have an incredible time.

Costa Rica Ticas use an expression "Pura Vida" (pure life) a lot to talk about good things. They are very friendly, helpful, laid back, and educated people. Ticos are really proud of their hospitality. You can still find a coffee pot with hot coffee for visitors passing through in some areas! (Yes, for free and waiting for you in the porch of the house).

Like every other Caribbean lady, Costa Rican women know how to balance their tranquil lives with enjoying themselves! Costa Rican girls like to chat, dance, and to be feminine too.

A little bit about Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America that borders Panama and Nicaragua, and has a population of 4 million. Costa Rica previously had an agriculture-based economy. However, being peaceful compared to its neighbors, it has become a major tourist destination due to its abundance of beaches, rainforests, wildlife, and volcanoes.

If you get the opportunity between dates with the women in Costa Rica, travel to a few sites outside of San Jose during your tour. Experience the mighty Arenal Volcano, Corcovado, Monteverde, Montezuma, and Manuel Antonio. In these places you will be able to enjoy canopy tours, beaches, volcanoes, and hiking in the rainforest. These are all great places to take a Costa Rica lady for a fun day date. Costa Rica is a country with plenty to see and full of romantic spots... Just let the beautiful Costa Rican Tica you are dating show you her favorite places.

In closing, the Ticas are waiting so what are you waiting for?

Got questions or ready to book the tour??

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PS: Oh, and don't forget to buy local coffee before returning home: it's some of the best of the world.

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