Barranquilla women + Barranquilla tour = life changing event

Ever heard of Barranquilla? If not, you should first know that Barranquilla women are some of the most beautiful, sincere, and friendly Latin ladies in Colombia, if not all of Latin America. They delight you with their eyes and charm you with their soul. So take it for granted that getting a little Latin frame of mind in your life will hit the spot during our Barranquilla dating tour.

Barranquilla women really enjoy life have a healthy life balance as they do not live for working, but work for a living. Colombian ladies are not just polite when they greet you, but they sincerely wish you a good morning or afternoon when they let those words come out from their mouths. Barranquilla women may be just what you were looking for, and they are there, waiting for you, just a few hours away by plane.

What to do on a Barranquilla Tour

Nightlife is a totally different thing here in Barranquilla. In their discos you will discover how Barranquilla women are able to make you think on the word 'gorgeous' as your new beauty standard. Just get ready to dance some Latin pop, reggae, and more Colombian folk music like vallenatos and its "cousins", salsa and merengue. You need not worry if you don't know how to dance well. Your Barranquilla date will gladly show you how to "move it".

Why? Simple: Because women in Barranquilla are lively and like to see the good side of things. It's like if you were living in vallenato, merengue and/or salsa rhythms, but 24/7. To that, just add some of the glamour Colombian women naturally have (the same glamour which has made Colombian women regular finalists in Miss World contests, for instance) and you get the point

I am sure you will love the energy, spontaneity, kindness, sociability, and love for life Barranquilla women have. And if this weren't enough, you will find them unassuming, home-loving and with a well-balanced mix of casual and responsible lifestyles. Be honest, what more can you ask for? Just look at their pictures!

During your Barranquilla tour, you will not only be able to get to know that beautiful Colombian lady you have been emailing with, but you will also meet dozens more during our social gatherings. Just like you, they will be there looking forward to find a special man who to plan a future with. During the rest of the tour our office manager will help you in setting up dates with the ladies, and you take it from there.

En Barranquilla me quedo!

"En Barranquilla me quedo!" means "In Barranquilla I stay!" and it's part of the chorus of a very popular salsa song dedicated to this wonderful city.

Barranquilla is located on the left bank of Magdalena river, about 15 miles away from the Caribbean sea. The city's population around 2 million and is a port city. As you would expect, being a coastal town, the presence of people from all over the world has turned it into a very cosmopolitan place. Today, Barranquilla is one of the most important linking ports between American, European and Asian traders. It geographical position is strategic for both foreign and local trade activities; but it has also become a major industrial and services provider.

For those who care about weather, Barranquilla has a steady temperature range all year round. It is close to the Equator line, so you can understand why its temperature does not move too far away from the 81 F it usually has, and it rains occasionally. Besides that, there is nothing to be concerned about. Light clothes will do for most travelers.

Your Days in Barranquilla

During your Barranquilla tour you can go, for example, to the Amira de la Rosa theater, the Museo Romantico (the Romantic Museum, in English), Montoya station, or the zoo and visit its more than 500 animals, including rare species which can only be found in the Colombian Andes.

The rest of the days can be spent at the beach or perhaps shopping around with your Colombian date. If you have an urge to go shopping, Barranquilla has modern malls, like the one down the street. Some minutes away from the city, the last place I would like to recommend on this page is Totumo volcano. There, you will soak in its medicinal and relieving mud... and I'm sure your Barranquilla lady will too. Sound interesting?

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