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Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations on Earth and as soon as you get out of the plane you understand why. Bangkok is a city with very different shapes in which you will not be able to escape its mysticism. In Bangkok you will discover new ways to understand life and move between traditions and modernity.

A word about Thailand

Thailand (formerly Siam) is a country in the southern continental Asia which borders Laos, Cambodia, Singapore and Myanmar. Thai food is tasty and your Thai accommodations are excellent. That said, the basics are covered and we can concentrate in the most attractive features of this romance tour. Bangkok —which is the local name of Bangkok and means "the city of angels"— invites you to surrender to the charm of its best representatives, its women. You will love it. Just be careful not to get lost in the indescribable charm of Thai women's eyes in the process.

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Thai women have attracted foreign men for decades and they still do. They have pleasant attitudes, are light-hearted, and the mysticism of the country has not made them pious or dull. Thai ladies are self-confident and affectionate; and although they don't speak too much, they are usually fond of using dance as a good way to express themselves. Besides this, you will also find that Thai women are laid-back and straightforward.

What you should understand above all, and which surely help you make up your mind and book our next dating tour to Bangkok, is that a Thai woman can really enlighten your life. Thai women are not only smart, practical and educated ladies; they are also gentle, easy-going, friendly and affectionate women. Thais are romantic but not conceited, sunny and optimistic but also down-to-earth... in four words: very close to perfection. As soon as you arrive to Bangkok and spend some time in the country, you will see that the natural appeal of Thai women you have heard about means much more than their smooth black hair, and the exotic look of their black velvet eyes, believe me. Just imagine yourself there for a short while: Meeting in person the Thai woman you have been emailing for a few months and/or attending our dating socials to meet a few dozens more, likely including your future wife. Too good to be true? I don't think so.

While you make up your mind, you will need to know where to go, so I am going to tell you about some of the attractions of the city. With a Thai lady by your side, you will feel you have Bangkok in your hands.

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Ever been to a Thai restaurant? Then you already have an idea of how different of what you are used to Bangkok can be. Thailand has an ancient and mesmerizing culture which beckons all who come. Where to go? Don't worry. Unlike many other visitors Bangkok receives every year, you will have the advantage of visiting Bangkok with a beautiful Thai woman by your side. Of course she will take you happily to the most special places she can think of to enhance your stay in her land.

In Bangkok, explore the ruins of Ayuthaya, Chao Phraya River, the white sand beaches, and the ancestral temples. The ruins of Ayuthaya are, actually, the ruins of what Bangkok was hundreds of years ago. It's a very remarkable place to visit and a good place to begin your sight-seeing.

Next step? I think you need to take a boat and go upriver at Chao Phraya River. During your trip, you can "disembark" at Tha Chang (by the Grand Palace), Thonburi, Wat Rakang, Klong Bangkok Noi and Klong Chak Phra (yes, I guess you should write down the names) to take a look at some other interesting spots. On your way, you will be able to see a small town, a nice temple which rings its bells every morning and the Royal Barge Museum, not to mention the children swimming along its shores... amusing by itself.

My third recommendation is to tell you to use another day to visit Chiang Mai. If you like the temples in Bangkok, you will love to see a town with less than a million inhabitants with more than 300 temples to visit. Today, this is an important cultural center and it considered the second most important city behind Bangkok. Besides its temples (ask where is Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep?), Chiang Mai is a renown marketplace of handicrafts and jewelry and it also holds an important festival in November.

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Back to the city, you can also spend a few bucks and visit the Safari park and the (huge) aquarium. Wondering about nightlife? No problem. Bangkok has plenty places where you can go to dance and have fun at night, just ask your date.

It is worth mentioning that Thai cuisine deserves a special place in this page. People in Bangkok people love their hot spicy food and the majority of dishes include chicken, shrimp, fish, chili pepper, lemon, ginger, and curry —besides rice, of course. Soups here are made with coconut milk.

Thailand is one of the most exotic places on earth and has some of the most charming women as well. Let me warn you once again! Just be careful not to get lost in the indescribable charm of Thai women's eyes in the process. It happens often.


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