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"Bachelors Abroad" is a reality show based around the international dating and tour company, A Foreign Affair. The show is part of the National Geographic Channel and has aired only its premiere episode so far.

In the first show, we meet John Adams, the president and co-founder of A Foreign Affair. John also hosted the tour featured in the episode, giving us an inside look at the day-to-day life of an international romance tour host. John not only deals with the logistics of traveling in a foreign country, but also plays therapist and friend to the tour clients.

The first episode took place in Ukraine and primarily followed three main tour clients, Bob, Bill and Joe. While Bob and Joe both seemed to feel confident walking up and conversing with the single Ukrainian ladies at the social, Bill seemed a little more hesitant. Eventually, we would see that his apparent restraint was due to the fact that he was still hung up on his previous marriage.

Joe had a good time flashing his badge and getting to know women on a personal level. He was usually seen talking with only one or two women at a time. Bob, on the other hand, was generally hosting a table of five to ten women and was comfortable being the life of the party.

We then saw the three bachelors go on individual dates during the following days of their tour. It was interesting to see the how the interpreters helped them to communicate; some people would find this a difficult way to connect, but Joe seemed to be having a great time. On one of his dates, we could truly see the interest and excitement in his face as he interacted with his date.

Bill did not have as much luck on a date he was discussing with John Adams. He felt that his date and the interpreter were talking on their own, ignoring him, and simply using him to pay for the check. John did a fantastic job of talking reasonably with Bill to help him calm down.

In the end, all three men left with some prospects they will continue to interact with through email, chat, video chat, and more. Hopefully on future episodes of Bachelors Abroad, we will get to find out where things wound up with Joe, Bill and Bob!