Welcome to foreignladies.com

We want to welcome you to the site are glad to offer you the opportunity to assist you in finding your special lady through our site. ForeignLadies.com features almost 40,000 beautiful single women and offers a great way that you can get to know someone perfect for you.

We will explain in specifics how the site will work for you, a man who prefers to communicate with the ladies in your native language rather than the default language of English.

The general process of how you will use the site is the same.

You write the letter
It is sent to the affiliate
The affiliate delivers the letter to the lady
Then gets her reply
And sends the reply back to you

Since the translator's are probably only familiar with English and the lady's language, they will need to use other methods to translate your letter to the lady's native language.

These processes are less than perfect and occasionally will result in a less than perfect translation of your letter. Therefore we encourage you while writing the letter to simplify it. In other words, use simple sentence structures, and do not use many slang words, or local language sayings where the meaning will not be understood by people outside your country. Also please spell your words correctly.

If you do these things the full meaning of your letter will be understood by the translator and the lady herself. With patience and understanding from both you and lady, you can establish a great relationship with each other beginning with your letter correspondence through this website.

How to contact customer service - Just write your question in your language, and send it. Then you will receive a reply in your language. Keep in mind once again that the translation may not be perfect. Please use simple sentences, no misspellings, etc.

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