Foreign Ladies $1.95 Special Offer

For all new members and current members who have not tried the site, we are offering a $1.95 first letter special discount. Write your first letter* to any lady on the site for only $1.95.

For new members, just fill out the registration information. We encourage you to upload a photo as well but it is not necessary. However, it will greatly improve your chances for a response.

For current members who have not tried the site, just login, and add a photo if needed.

For both new and current members, then go to the make purchase link and choose the $1.95 1st letter special, make payment, and the credits will be added to your account.

Then go through the site and choose the lady you are interested in writing. We encourage you to write a lady instead of using the 10 credits to simply open a letter in your inbox.

*1st letter = 1st purchase on On your 1st purchase you receive 10 credits for $1.95. The $1.95 discount can only be used one time. Future credits may be purchased at regular prices.

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